Yes, it is for you, it is for anyone and everyone! Does it always have to be expensive and lavish! Hell no, I amaze myself at times in the kind of budgets I have planned destination weddings in Goa/ Rajasthan/ Kerala and other parts of this enormous and splendid country. The most beautiful destination weddings after planning over a hundred weddings are the small, simple, chic ones. The wedding is not just a union of souls and not just a reason to celebrate it is also a way of gratitude that you have found your perfect mate. In simple words, it has to reflect who you are, the couples should open their hearts and ensure the wedding reflects their personalities. Indian families have a tendency of making it ” larger than life”, trust me it’s not important. It’s only about how personal you can keep it, how elegant you can keep it, how you can celebrate only with people who ” matter to you”. When this thought arises, you surely have a picture, as either a beach or mountains or palaces or a desert will be your ideal venue. Fun or history, quirky or traditional, larger than life or chic […]

April 6, 2017

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