Palaces or Havelis, Beaches or Backwaters, Valleys or mountains, sand dunes or forest, house boat or cruise?

These venues seem dream like, India with its rich geographical wealth and even richer history and culture offer venues fitting each category, just spell you dreams out to us. We have been catering to clients from across the world who dream to get married in India as a dream, destination, why not make it happen.

Whether you are seeking a palatial or a backwater wedding venue, there are certain considerations to be kept in mind. Is the location within the budget? Is it an all-weather venue and most importantly is it easily accessible to avoid the guests from going through the hassles of connecting flights or long drives.

Whether your dream of an intimate wedding or an extravagant wedding, whether it is an Indian Traditional wedding in Palace or chic English wedding on beach; we create memories which last forever not only for you but also for your guests.

We would also pre-book the wedding location for your preferred wedding date much in advance to get a better possible deal.We do the negotiations for you and get you value for money for blocking your venue.

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